Programming, numerical modelling and theoretical analysis
Custom Solvers 2.0 means me working as a programmer, usually remotely and in English. Thus, the provided services are the following:
  • Software development
    . Programming is my main activity, where I am more experienced and what I like the most.
    I have used many programming languages and am very adaptable on this front (i.e., relying on a new language is usually a quick and hassle-free process). The target environment shouldn't be a problem either, although I have mostly worked on desktop- (Windows/Linux) and web-based developments.
    This category includes full developments (usually, from scratch) and improvements in existing codes.
    To know more about all this, visit the corresponding section.
  • Numerical modelling
    . I am including here all the projects involving the development of automated-understanding (numerical) methodologies dealing with more or less complex scenarios; also all the projects involving data analysis.
    Note that my professional career has always been closely related to these developments
    To know more, visit the numerical modelling section.
  • Other types of projects
    . I can also take part in purely theoretical projects, whose main output might not be a piece of software.
    In any case, they would have to be focused on my areas of expertise, namely: mechanical engineering, physics, mathematics or numerical modelling.