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Old copyright (12-Mar-2015)

Old customsolvers.com copyright page (12-Mar-2015)
One of the biggest errors of Custom Solvers 1.0 was relying excessively on an abstract corporate image (e.g., systematically referring to "we"). Such a behaviour will certainly stop occurring and Custom Solvers 2.0 will clearly differentiate between individual and collective contributions.

More specifically, the authorship attribution of each single output of this company will verify the following rules:
  • Unless expressly stated otherwise, I am the sole author of any output of this company.
  • Unless expressly stated otherwise, all the publicly available material of this company (e.g., code, text or multimedia content) which is exclusively used for its own promotion (e.g., the publicly accessible parts of this website, like HTML/CSS codes or image files) may be considered public domain; and, consequently, be used by anyone for any purpose without making any reference to Custom Solvers 2.0.
  • The exact extent of each copyright reference will be fully understood by interpreting it according to simple good-faith premises, as explained in the copyright section of varocarbas.com.