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Desktop applications

I am quite experienced in developing custom desktop applications
A big proportion of my software development experience has been focused on the desktop-based side of programming, mainly on Windows applications. On the other hand, my speciality is (from scratch) developing and improving algorithms to efficiently deal with data-intensive situations, a type of work where the target environment isn't too important.

I have relevant experience with a wide variety of programming languages, learn quickly and am very adaptable; that's why relying on certain language is rarely a problem for me. In any case, I have mostly used the following programming languages to build desktop applications (web languages):
  • Microsoft languages: C# and VB.NET (all .NET versions), Winforms, Console, Library and WPF; VBA/Office macros; VB 6.
  • Other C-based languages: Java; C; C++; Perl; etc.
  • Fortran.
  • Python.
Regarding the type of program/conditions, I have participated in a wide variety of projects and can take care of virtually any kind of development. Examples:
  • Developing algorithms completely from scratch to fully address a given situation.
  • Coming up with comprehensive and scalable data structures to facilitate the understanding and management of complex sets of information.
  • Building small applications for specific purposes.
    Some examples: file/OS modifications, automated connections through local networks or internet, scheduled checks, data analysis, etc.
  • Adding new features or other improvements in existing software.
    For efficiency improvements, visit the corresponding section.