Efficiency improvement

customsolvers.com and varocarbas.com give a good idea of my performance optimisation skills
One of my top concerns when programming is to write efficient code. Independently upon the given conditions and target framework, I always deliver efficient pieces of software. This site and varocarbas.com are good examples of my efficiency-concerned programming approach; mainly by bearing in mind that I developed both of them completely from scratch (i.e., not even a single bit done by others) and that their hosting plans are very restricted (i.e., running on quite limited hardware).

I can participate in the following types of efficiency-related projects:
  • Performance improvement
    . Projects consisting in making an existing piece of software as efficient as possible via reducing its execution time and/or resource usage.
    This type of project might be exclusively focused on improving its algorithm and/or (communication with) some external dependencies like databases, up to the point of fully redeveloping them.
  • Performance analysis
    . A project can also consist in critically (but always objectively) analysing an existing piece of software from the efficiency point of view.
    The outputs of these projects aren't actual modifications, but information (e.g., documents, sample applications or further audiovisual material) about its current state, potential improvements and associated time/money expectations.
  • Efficiency-focused development
    . The requirements of certain developments, eminently focused on efficiency aspects, might not be fully accounted by my aforementioned efficiency-concerned programming approach.
    An example of these projects is the development of a piece of software whose main purpose is to meet a specific performance target.