Other developments

Other types of software development on which I can work
I can also take care of software projects which don't fit well within the other sections, but match my relevant-here skills (i.e., programming, mechanical engineering, mathematics, physics, etc.).

Examples of these other software development projects:
  • Code migration. Note that I am quite experienced in a wide variety of programming languages and formats, learn quickly and am very adaptable; that's why the exact conditions shouldn't matter much.
    To know more about the programming languages in which I have more experience, visit the desktop- and web-based software development sections.
  • Database systems. Projects whose main purpose is to create/modify a database system, where some software development might also be required or not.
    Equivalently to what happens with programming languages, I shouldn't find problems when dealing with a specific database environment. In any case, note that most of my experience on this front has been focused on MySQL, MariaDB, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and Access.