Web applications

I don't build whole websites, but do work on web-based developments
Purely speaking, I am a desktop programmer whose experience is mostly focused on Windows. In any case, there are two issues which minimise the importance of this generic statement:
  • Most of my work is focused on developing efficient algorithms, where the differences between desktop- and web-based conditions are less important.
  • I have participated in a relevant number of web-based projects, created both this site and varocarbas.com completely from scratch (by bearing in mind that GUI/looks aren't my strongest suits) and have enough experience in various web languages.
Developing whole websites isn't my business, but web-based implementations are likely to become an important part of the Custom Solvers 2.0 activity.

Using a specific programming language is rarely a problem for me (experienced and adaptable), but I have relied on the following ones for most of my web developments (desktop languages):
  • .NET Framework. C# and VB.NET (all .NET versions), ASP.NET and Silverlight.
    Although I am much more experienced in the desktop-based .NET flavours (i.e., Winforms, Console, Library and WPF), note that applying most of that knowledge to web-based implementations isn't difficult.
  • PHP & JavaScript. Usually, I rely much more on PHP and let JavaScript just for secondary functionalities or when strictly required.
    Additionally to my formal experience with them, I feel comfortable with these languages also thanks to my important C-based-language expertise.
  • Another relevant aspect of my web-based skills is that I do care about writing properly-structured HTML/CSS; usually, I also optimise them via minification.
    This issue can be confirmed through the "Valid markup"\"Valid CSS" links included in most of the pages of this site and varocarbas.com.
Regarding types of development, I am expecting my web-based activity to be mostly focused on the following ones:
  • Adding/improving functionalities in existing sites/web-based systems.
  • Development of full web-based solutions where the GUI/looks doesn't matter (i.e., backend-focused).
  • Performance improvements and algorithm/database optimisations.
    To know more about efficiency improvements, visit the corresponding section.