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NumberParser overview (.NET/C#)

Main ideas about NumberParser
NumberParser provides a unified framework to easily deal with all the .NET numeric types. Its codeproject.com article gives a comprehensive idea of what this library can do.

Among its most salient features are:
  • Unified and intuitive usage
    . NumberParser relies on Number, NumberD, NumberO and NumberP (i.e., NumberX); easy-to-use, implicitly-convertible and comprehensive classes simplifying the hassles of the .NET numeric types.
  • Exceptions managed internally
    . NumberParser takes care of all the errors internally and notifies the user via simple enum.
  • Beyond-double-range support
    . The ranges of all the NumberX are beyond ±10^2147483647 and all of them can rely on the Decimal type precision.
  • Mathematical functionalities
    . NumberParser's Math2 includes NumberD-adapted versions of all the System.Math methods, together with various custom functionalities (PowDecimal/SqrtDecimal, RoundExact/TruncateExact, GetPolynomialFit/ApplyPolynomialFit and Factorial).
Its source code (C#; .NET 4.0) shares the same solution (FlexibleParser.sln) with all the other parts and can be found in the following places:You can download the last version or get the corresponding NuGet package.
The last stable version of NumberParser.dll is