Staff 1.0

Staff in my first self-employment attempt
This company has always been the legal form (self-employed in Spain) under which I have been offering my consultancy services, numerical and engineering analysis gradually converted into custom software development. Its official name has always been my own name (Alvaro Carballo Garcia), although in practice I have relied on commercial names (trendingIT and Custom Solvers) since the first moment.

I have always been the person taking care of most of the work at all the levels, but my attitude during this first stage was different than now; for example, systematic reliance on an abstract "we" or deep interest in growing in size. As a result of all this, different people and companies worked for Custom Solvers 1.0, although the following conditions were always met:
  • I was the person taking care of most of the work delivered to the clients (e.g., developing a given piece of software). In the few occasions when other people participated in one of these outputs, I did expressly mention such an eventuality to the given client. Additionally, I have always been very clear and honest regarding the authorship attribution of relevant works done by others (e.g., old version of
  • The work delivered by this company was never outsourced. On the other hand, I did propose to various clients to rely on this alternative in case of being required (what never happened).