Communication 2.0

Technical, objective, clear and straightforward communication
My (generic) communication skills have always been quite bad; that's why I decided to rely on either silence or abstract ideas. I didn't like the results of that attitude at all, but did certainly learn my lesson.

The communication 2.0 is focused on being as descriptive as possible by plainly relying on my straightforward character (elevated to defining principle!). Thus, my new ideas on this front basically consist in being myself and generically applying my person-to-person communication skills.

One of the outputs of this new approach has been the removal of my own picture (replaced with the Custom Solvers 2.0 logo or with nothing) from the main online references related to Custom Solvers 2.0 and varocarbas. The reason for this is to highlight the objective character of my work, where personal appearance is completely irrelevant. In any case, this isn't a written-in-stone rule and I will use my picture when required.