This site relies on databases mostly to improve the flexibility and scalability of its code
This site relies on various small (MariaDB) databases which are accessed by (PHP) applications at different points.

At the moment, uses the following databases:
  • Code modularity
    . This DB stores the following information of all the pages: name, title and description. It represents a small concession to the code modularity from the site efficiency.
    Note that including these values in the corresponding files would have provoked the pages to load quicker and to be less prone to errors. On the other hand, this alternative would have also implied a relevant additional work as far as this information is used in many different places.
  • Site search
    . Logically, the search functionality of this site also needs its own database.
    Due to the peculiar keyword-based format of this functionality, its storage requirements are quite low. In any case, this issue shouldn't hide the fact that it does support a big number of different word variations in both English and Spanish.