1. trendingIT

First years of my first self-employment attempt
IMPORTANT: trendingit.com isn't related to either me or customsolvers.com since 22-June-2017.

Back in 2008, I had tons of revolutionising ideas, a top-although-narrowly-delimited knowledge (wrongly assumed to be overall applicable) and way too less actual-commercial-reality experience. Additionally, I was coming from an over-protective academic environment, what contributed to the growth of a set of not too realistic expectations.

The most relevant events during this period can be summarised in the following points:
  • My later-proven-wrong attitude of relying on abstract inexistent-"we"-based ideas was precisely started here. More specifically, I thought that "trendingIT" will undoubtedly transmit that the activity of the company was focused on finding trends (by understanding trend in its mathematical sense, that is: fits/behaviours extracted from a set of apparently isolated data points) with a solid IT background.
  • Initially, the company was expected to be completely focused on the commercialisation of trendingBot. Actually, the plan was getting the required funding (this line of thought fits perfectly within the the money 1.0 ideas) allowing the proof-of-concept to become the definitive piece of software, which would be covering an actual need of the data analysis community. The whole tredingBot project was a complete failure: I wasn't able to get the required funding; not even to raise awareness in the community (mainly within the less specialised companies, which were wrongly expected to represent the ideal clients). This was my first good-learned lesson about the new reality I was facing, where objective correctness wasn't the most important thing.
  • In December 2011, I decided to change the name of the company to Custom Solvers because of two reasons: on one hand, the meaning of "trending" was converted from "can be understood as mathematical trends" into "certainly means being trendy/fashionable; and most likely is related to Twitter", thanks to the tremendous popularity of the Trending Topics (ironically, I chose that name mainly because of the surprisingly low number of references to the the word "trending", which could be found in the 2008 internet). On the other hand, the original name wasn't accurately reflecting the activity of the company, which was almost exclusively focused on custom software development.