QuickSearch current version

Main features of the current QuickSearch version
The current version of QuickSearch is 0.5 (Linux and Windows), which is the first public release of this program. It is still a beta version with multiple restrictions.

This version shares with all the other versions so far the following features:
  • All the instructions sent to QuickSearch through "query.txt" have to be surrounded by double quotes; they might also contain escaped double quotes (\" or ""). The names/values in the queries might be surrounded by single quotes (') or backticks (`).
  • QuickSearch can import/export CSV and QS files via "import/export file_name.csv/.qs". The QS files rely on the QuickSearch's own system and are bigger than their CSV counterparts, but are imported much quickly.
  • QuickSearch supports different SQL queries by being quite flexible on various fronts. For instance, only names/values containing blank spaces need to be surrounded by single quotes.
The current version of QuickSearch supports the following SQL instructions:
  • SELECT * / column_name FROM table_name
  • WHERE column_name = / != / > / < / >= / <= value
    WHERE column_name (NOT) LIKE value / %value / %value% / value%
  • LIMIT number_rows