QuickSearch overview

Main ideas about QuickSearch
QuickSearch is a portable and efficient alternative to conventional databases for performing simplistic tasks like basic searches.

I have developed it in C and completely from scratch. Its source code isn't public except for some of its accessory methods which do give a reasonably good idea of this development. You might also want to take a look at its ResearchGate project or to watch this video.

I came up with the idea of QuickSearch while trying to optimise the domain-ranking bots in varocarbas.com. I realised that their communication with the database was exclusively formed by simplistic queries; and I thought that using too comprehensive software (MySQL/MariaDB) was probably not optimal. Another issue which motivated me to start this development was the fact that the aforementioned simplistic setup is relatively common among small websites like customsolvers.com or varocarbas.com.

All the QuickSearch versions so far apply the following basic ideas:
  • Standalone executable file without third-party dependencies. There is a Linux (tested distributions) and a Windows version. Only 64-bit operating systems are supported.
  • No instalation and reliance on its own portable file system (contents of the auto-generated folder "data").
  • Flexible SQL-based querying. For example, including quotes in queries is optional in many scenarios.
  • Terminal-/console- and text-file-based input system. You can query any QuickSearch version by writing it as an argument when executing the program or in the file "query.txt".
  • Easy communication with other applications. In the adapters section, you can find codes in different programming languages allowing to easily communicate with QuickSearch.
As explained in the corresponding page, most of customsolvers.com database-reliance has been moved from MySQL/MariaDB to QuickSearch. As far as its restricted hosting plan doesn't allow to run the standard version of QuickSearch, I created a slower PHP version with limited functionalities to be used here. In principle, I am not planning to release this version because of not making too much unless under very specific conditions.