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End 2.0

All the 2.0 efforts coming to an end
It has been a while since I wrote all this 2.0 stuff (around 3 years) and, although today I would have done it differently, my ideas today are pretty much the same. I am still exclusively interested in dealing with knowledgeable (worst case scenario: "don't know = don't make decisions") and strong-principle-driven people. I still want my (suitability to perform certain) work to be fairly and objectively assessed. I have also been communicating very clearly on every situation. My position about (lack of) money/funding is pretty much the same. And I have been making clear and express references to every person performing any kind of relevant work here (= just myself, Alvaro Carballo Garcia). But something will certainly be ended: my (unpaid, generous, tremendous over-)effort.

There has always been an implicit sixth 2.0 idea. As any sensible individual should know, you can't get unless you give. And as far as (relevant amounts of) money/resources weren't an option, fulfilling my 2.0 goals was evidently associated with hard-work, effort, commitment, etc. (+ time). This is what I have been doing and this is what will end now. Logically, I refer to the non-paid, ideally-inexistent side of my work. I mean most of my self-promotion (i.e., my public online activity) and good-faith efforts (e.g., non-trivial tests, coding challenges, hiring proceedings, etc.).

There is no need to go into details about what I think of the overall IT remote (senior staff) skill-assessment/hiring practices; or about the obstacles that someone like me, clearly stating his sole interest in technical-intensive stuff/people/concerns, can find. The only important thing is that I quit. I will not make more efforts to be found, understood or considered. There are more than enough resources for anyone with little interest and knowledge to know virtually anything about me. My effort, good faith and trust expenditure is officially over.

The bit which I haven't been really liking much about my public activity has been its systematic incompleteness, something certainly undesirable but unfortunately unavoidable. The explanations which I have written for QuickSearch, the first End-2.0 victim, should be quite descriptive on this front.

This doesn't necessarily mean that I will stop updating all my online resources. For example, the web domain ranking in varocarbas.com will continue running, because most of the required actions are automated/don't imply much effort. For the time being, I will continue being self-employed and working as so far, although I don't see it as a long-term occupation anymore.

I have much more knowledge and my ideas are much clearer than 3 years ago, when I wrote all the 2.0 declaration of intent. I didn't get what I wanted and the whole process has been much harder than anticipated. But I wouldn't change what I have now for the world.