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Expectations 2.0

Eminently interested in long-term projects and programming knowledgeable clients
Custom Solvers 2.0 was born after a personal realisation which precisely consisted in getting very clear ideas about what to expect from my professional activity.

The expectations 2.0 can be summarised in the following points:
  • Clients
    . Additionally to comply with the defining principles of this company, the given client has to be able to assess the specific project from a technical perspective. I expect (the quality of) my work to not be affected by short-sighted decisions made without an adequate understanding of the situation (e.g., arbitrary money/time restrictions).
    Example of unappealing client: a middleman with low-to-no technical knowledge and eminently interested in getting a more or less generic output as quickly and cheaply as possible.
  • Projects
    . I am mostly interested in participating in developments where my knowledge, expertise and attitude can be fully maximised; what happens under fairly supported and technically demanding conditions.
    Example of appealing project: the improvement or creation of a complex enough tool used to perform technical tasks.
In summary, I am looking forward to building long-term commercial relationships with (programming) knowledgeable people and companies interested in high quality software development under fair conditions.