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R&D oriented

The R&D activity has always been closely related to my work
My work consists in developing/improving pieces of software to efficiently manage virtually any scenario; additionally and as explained in the corresponding section, I expect to eminently deal with experienced programmers/knowledgeable clients. A systematic learning process is intrinsically associated with this kind of work; not just having an up-to-date knowledge, but also the kind of going-beyond expertise which only R&D can bring.

I perform two main types of R&D activity:
  • Generic R&D
    . I get regularly involved in non-commercial (at least, not within the medium-term) projects whose primary goal is to get better insights into a given topic. Their main features (e.g., motivation to start them, invested effort, making them public or not, etc.) vary a lot, also my commitment to them and their outputs. In any case, all of them help me to improve the quality of my work.
    All my public generic R&D activity is stored in varocarbas.com.
  • Specific R&D
    . My expertise and further-improving attitude aren't enough to deal with any project, much less under the intended demanding conditions. Thus, performing specific R&D tasks (e.g., research certain alternatives under very specific conditions) and, eventually, adequately documenting them can be a relevant part of my work in certain cases.