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Customer care

Having happy clients has always been one of my main goals
My self-employed activity has been client-happiness-focused since the very first moment. I have always been very communicative (e.g., quick replies to every request) and adaptable (e.g., my work being adapted to varying conditions) with all the clients.

As per the expectations 2.0, clients' knowledge and goals will be similar to mine, what is likely to provoke my customer (over-)care to intensify even further.

In any case and regardless of the specific project conditions, all my clients will enjoy the following perks:
  • Lifetime warranty
    . After project completion, the client may ask me to fix any problem at no cost. This warranty is only limited by the defining principles of this company and, consequently, all the good-faith-based requests will be accepted.
    Example of not covered problem: error provoked by a new version of the OS which didn't exist at the time of the development.
  • Regular communication
    . I will always be as communicative as the client wants (e.g., daily updates or only communications about relevant issues).
    Independently upon the given conditions, I will always make sure to fully understand the expectations of the client before starting my work.