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Copyright (English)

Copyright applicable to anything related to Custom Solvers 2.0 or varocarbas
25-Jan-2017 (12-Mar-2015 version)
The authorship attribution and copyright of each single output of this company will verify the following rules:
  • Unless expressly stated otherwise, Alvaro Carballo Garcia is the sole author of any output of Custom Solvers 2.0.
  • Unless expressly stated otherwise, all the publicly available material of Custom Solvers 2.0 (e.g., code, text or multimedia content) may be considered public domain.
  • All the copyright references will apply the defining principles of Custom Solvers 2.0 and, consequently, their exact extent should be adequately understood by any good-faith-based interpretation.
  • All the aforementioned ideas are also applicable to the public online activity of varocarbas, nickname used by Alvaro Carballo Garcia. For example, varocarbas.com development and contents.