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Site search

Information about the search functionality of this site
I did also develop the search functionality completely from scratch. This site is simple and so the search algorithm, although some of its features are definitively comment-worthy.

This functionality can be used from every page via the top search box or by clicking on the bottom link, which redirects to its main page. It has two distinctive features:
  • High flexibility
    . It recognises a relevant number of word inflections (e.g., tense, number, gender, etc.) and always accepts search terms in both English and Spanish (although the results are shown in the given page language).
    Additionally, it relies on a URL-based system which might be used right away. For example, visiting https://customsolvers.com/search/Alvaro/ does the same than typing "Alvaro" in the search box.
  • Intention-driven
    . Its algorithm doesn't look for exact/partial matches within the customsolvers.com pages, but tries to understand the user intention. By continuing with the aforementioned example, that person is assumed to be interested in finding information about myself.
    Each customsolvers.com page is associated with a set of expressions (over 900 and growing) and included in certain group (e.g., "pages mostly focused on Alvaro"). In the search results, the best match is displayed first and, after it, the other pages of the given group.