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3. Towards Custom Solvers 2.0

Custom Solvers 2.0 was born after a personal realisation
The main reason why I decided to close the first version of this company was having lost my motivation. I got tired of always giving more and never getting more; of believing in a proper understanding which never appeared; of having to systematically explain to those not willing to understand.

Perhaps having a business wasn't my calling, at least not with my resources and attitude. So, I did some job-search attempts, but quickly realised that working for others wasn't already an option for me: too used to be independent and to take care of everything. Additionally, this short experience had helped me remember my high incompatibility with non-technical recruiters/HR.

What could I do then? I had to work and wanted to continue focusing on programming. I was more lost than ever before. To get some fresh ideas, I decided to make a low-budget trip funded by doing small programming works for local businesses. I was also expecting to get a taste of a different business approach: dealing with not-related-to-computers clients. Note that most of my clients so far weren't too programming savvy, but their businesses were always closely related to computers/programming.

This trip was a complete fiasco and I had to quit it relatively soon. Finding clients was very difficult and having them was even worse (disproportionate expectations, virtually no appreciation, over-working for very low budgets, etc.). Curiously, this bad experience gave me the motivation boost which I was precisely looking for. Finally, I was able to perfectly understand what I should do. No more in-betweeners or wanting to have everyone happy. I wasn't in hurry, why tolerating pushy attitudes? I had knowledge, working attitude and clear ideas, why looking for funding or abstract targets? If I only wanted to do my work and to deal with people able to appreciate it, why accepting less?

The passion for my work had come back. I realised that all what I had to do was being patient; that my clear ideas will help me overcome any obstacle. For the first time, I did have long-term expectations and no doubts regarding how to proceed. I was able to compensate my lack of generic ambition (wanting to be rich) with the realisation that getting what I want is possible but difficult. This is when Custom Solvers 2.0 and its defining attitude 2.0 were born.