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Proof-of-concept calculation tool historically meaningful for this company
The original reason for creating the first version of this company was precisely trendingBot: promoting this approach, looking for funding to complete its development and, eventually, commercialising it. Many things have changed since then and its current influence on the activity of this company is none.

Back in 2008, I thought that this innovative regression approach had a tremendous potential which might easily be maximised. But the commercial reality quickly taught me that such a premise wasn't enough (at least, not in my specific situation). That's why the activity of the company soon became custom software development, as explained in the corresponding section. In any case and independently upon its current influence, trendingBot represents part of the history of this company and of its essence (i.e., innovative, custom-made, non-supported and even misunderstood).

Most of the original resources associated with trendingBot were deleted long time ago. Here you can find an overview of its defining ideas.