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FlexibleParser (.NET/C#)

FlexibleParser is a group of multipurpose .NET parsing libraries
FlexibleParser is a group of multipurpose .NET parsing libraries based upon the following ideas:
  • Intuitive, adaptable and easy to use.
  • Pragmatic, but aiming for the maximum accuracy and correctness.
  • Overall compatible and easily automatable.
  • Formed by independent DLLs managing specific situations.
You can find its C# code in the corresponding repositories (GitHub, SourceForge), read its readme file or download all the DLLs. Alternatively, you might want to visit the corresponding pages in varocarbas.com and researchgate.net.

In principle, these libraries are expected to be used on a Windows machine supporting the .NET Framework 4.0, although other setups are also possible. Here you can find some sample codes showing how to use FlexibleParser outside Windows.

At the moment, FlexibleParser is formed by the following independent parts: