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DateParser overview (.NET/C#)

Main ideas about DateParser
DateParser enhances the default .NET date/time support by eminently focusing on the following aspects:
  • Improvements in the main .NET date/time type
    . The DateP class allows to easily modify the corresponding date/time information via directly affecting its constituent parts (e.g., second or year).
    Another distinctive feature of this class is that it associates date/time information with certain time zone offset; this enables immediate conversions between time zones and time-zone-aware comparisons (e.g., 01:00+001 sooner than 01:00+005).
  • Big amount of additional information about time zones
    . DateParser includes various highly usable and compatible classes which notably extend the default time-zone support.
    All these classes are also fully synchronised with the main .NET one (TimeZoneInfo) through a variable which is automatically populated at instantiation.
Its source code (C#; .NET 4.0) shares the same solution (FlexibleParser.sln) with all the other parts and can be found in the following places:You can download the last version or get the corresponding NuGet package.
The last stable version of DateParser.dll is