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UnitParser instructions (.NET/C#)

UnitParser usage instructions
Ease of use and intuitiveness are some of the basic ideas underlying UnitParser and FlexibleParser. On the other hand, immediately getting a proper grasp of all what UnitParser can do would be very unlikely.

Step-by-step instructions to get the most out of UnitParser:
  • In case of not relying on a .NET programming language, perform all the required modifications to ensure a proper communication with .NET 4.0.
  • Get the UnitParser.dll and UnitParser.XML (storing all the IntelliSense information) files, via the corresponding NuGet package or by downloading their last versions, and make sure that your code refers to the FlexibleParser namespace.
  • Take a look at the readme file and do the first tests. You might also be interested in watching this video, which shows the most distinctive features of UnitParser.
  • Download the test application code to get a better understanding.