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R&D projects

Short descriptions of all the projects currently hosted by varocarbas.com
IMPORTANT NOTE: Project 10 is expected to be the last formal R&D project in varocarbas.com. I will continue regularly updating the site with the more technical aspects of my online activity, but by relying on less time consuming formats.

At the moment, varocarbas.com hosts the following projects:
  • Project 10:
    Non-floating-point fractional exponentiation approach
    (completed). Description of the algorithm I developed for the NumberParser versions of the .NET Math.Pow/Math.Sqrt methods, which deal with the non-floating-point decimal type.
  • Project 9:
    Critical thoughts about big data analysis
    (completed). Critical analysis of the widespread misuse of data analytics, especially big data forecasting.
  • Project 8:
    Security implications of open CoreCLR (CoreRun.exe)
    (completed). Analysis of the security aspects of CoreCLR (open .NET). This project is mostly focused on CoreRun.exe, which allows applying any modification in the CoreCLR code to .NET executables.
  • Project 7:
    First contact with open .NET
    (completed). Description of my first contact with the open .NET project. The analysis is mosly focused on CoreCLR and, more specifically, on the function ParseNumber (mscorlib).
  • Project 6:
    Common basic knowledge for artificial intelligence algorithms
    (completed). Set of preliminary ideas describing the creation of a new data standard for AI training datasets. The ultimate goal of this proposal is to build a comprehensive source of information which might be used by virtually any algorithm.
  • Project 5:
    Critical analysis of the main premises of special relativity: Lorentz & Minkowski
    (completed). In this project, I critically analyse two cornerstones of Einstein's (special) relativity: Lorentz transformation and Minkowsky space-time.
    I wrote most of these ideas 10 years ago, while working on a theoretical systematisation of the different types of energy. Its main conclusion is that the Lorentz transformation is invalid (i.e., its mathematical derivation is erroneous) and, with it, most of the relativistic calculations.