Expectations 1.0

Expectations in my first self-employment attempt
When I started the first version of this company, my only intention was to create an environment where I could continue performing my technical work. Despite being perfectly aware about the difficulties associated with my limited resources and commercial skills, I did misassess the importance of these limitations by expecting my over-work and commitment to fully compensate them.

Back then, my business and real-world commercial expertise was inexistent. Even worse: I was coming from a very protective environment where only objective correctness mattered. The adaptation wasn't easy, but relatively quick and the company became profitable by the second year.

My limited experience and unclear ideas regarding the exact goals (just wanted to focus on technical stuff as much as possible) converted this first attempt into a bunch of short-term adaptation processes. This far from ideal essence always underlied my activity, decisions and expectations.

I was hoping to create an as-independent-from-me-as-possible company; an adaptable entity able to deal with any project by remaining faithful to its defining ideas. Such an intention explains outputs like systematic references to an abstract "we" or proposals on the lines of "if I cannot take care of it by my own, I might outsource part of the work".

In summary, I was an ignorant, an unaware ignorant in an unfriendly-environment. Someone who spent lots of energy before realising that giving more and being more adaptable cannot compensate any problem (perhaps somewhere, but certainly not everywhere). My expectations were plainly wrong.