Remote work

I like working remotely and have no plans to stop relying on this format
Working remotely has been a defining feature of my self-employed activity since the very beginning. Initially, this format was an almost-forced decision; the only option allowing me to find my target clients regardless of geographical constraints. Gradually, it has become an ideal-for-me alternative which I use as much as possible.

Unfortunately, remote opportunities still represent a small fraction of all the software development projects; mainly, under the intended long-term, high-quality and zero-geographical-constraints (i.e., from/with any country) conditions. That's why I might also accept working in a specific location with the right client/project.

I have worked remotely under a relevant number of different conditions and am certain that it has no negative impact on quality, dependability or response time. I am also sure that remote work will soon become the new standard for activities like programming.