General approach

I developed this site to be efficient, reliable and intuitive
While developing, I tried to maximise the following aspects:
  • Efficiency
    . I paid special attention at efficiency aspects and that's why the pages load quite quickly despite running on highly constrained hardware. I accomplished this mainly by converting efficiency in my top priority (e.g., over usability) and by complementing an efficient code with further high-efficiency-prone approaches (e.g., minifying CSS/JavaScript/HTML or embedding in HTML as much as possible).
  • Reliability
    . An efficient site is usually quite reliable because of using less resources or, at least, under less-prone-to-problems conditions. Additionally, I built it such that the main parts can be used under less favourable conditions (e.g., JavaScript disabled).
  • Usability
    . I also tried to make as intuitive and easy-to-use as possible, but without affecting its efficiency and reliability. Additionally, it is also optimised for a wide variety of screen resolutions and versions of all the major browsers.
  • Modularity
    . Writing highly modular and scalable code was also one of my main concerns while developing this site. In fact, most of its database reliance is precisely meant for improving the code modularity/scalability; an approach which is certainly not the most efficient alternative.