Programming languages

I developed this site mostly in PHP with some JavaScript and CSS3 bits
I used the following programming languages to develop the current version of
  • PHP
    . This is by far the most extensively used language; in fact, all the code is stored in .php files. All the pages of this site display the result of dynamically joining the outputs generated by the PHP files taking care of the different page parts.
  • JavaScript
    . It takes care only of somehow secondary functionalities and, consequently, enabling JavaScript in the browser is not strictly required to navigate this site (although is recommendable to fully enjoy it). This language only deals with the following:
    • Dynamically showing the information associated with a given link when placing the cursor over it.
    • Replacing the CSS3 screen-adapting features when not being supported (e.g., because of using an old web browser).
  • CSS3
    . Although it might not be considered a programming language, it does take care of a dynamic aspect of showing the most adequate version of the page on account of the given screen resolution. As explained in the previous point, JavaScript takes care of this functionality in case that CSS3 is not supported.

To know more about the web-based programming languages in which I am more experienced, take a look at the web development section. In any case, note that I rarely have problems with using a specific programming framework due to my experience and adaptability on this front.