Analysis of modellable datasets

I can analyse specific datasets under certain conditions
Thanks to my extensive numerical modelling expertise, I can start analysing virtually any dataset almost right away.

The projects of this type have the following peculiarities:
  • Highly variable conditions
    . Trying to find solid underlying trends in a random dataset represents a very wide reality, where the required work and expected deliverables cannot be stated in a general way. That's why I will always make sure that the exact conditions of the project are properly defined before starting my work.
  • Optional pre-analysis
    . Due to the intrinsic difficulties of these projects, I will always be willing to participate in a small pre-project aimed to improve the understanding of both parties about the given situation. It will certainly be affordable (even completely free), but its exact conditions will be defined on a case by case basis.
  • No certainty regarding outputs
    . Unless under exceptional circumstances, I will never commit myself to deliver a clearly-delimited result (e.g., a very specific accuracy level) in these projects. My performance will be eminently assessed by accounting for the invested time and effort. The final outputs will also be brought into consideration, but their exact contribution will have to be adequately weighted.