Numerical model from scratch

I just need a modellable phenomenon to start my work
The projects of this type are perhaps the ones which I enjoy the most. They have the following features in common:
  • A properly-defined situation which might be modelled.
    Example: a physical phenomenon
  • High quality information.
    Example: an important number of measurements of relevant variables.
  • Clear ideas regarding the expected outputs.
    Example: emulation of a behaviour under certain conditions.
The given project might consist in developing a piece of software, in writing a technical paper or in both.

I can work on virtually any project of this type, but am mostly specialised in the following areas:
  • Engineering, physics & chemistry
    : classical mechanics, material selection, strength of materials, structural mechanics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, nuclear engineering, IC engines, combustion and emission modelling, etc.
  • Econometrics, social and behavioural sciences
    : financial modelling, stock trading, behavioural modelling, etc.
Note that providing random datasets to search for potential trends without a clearly-defined underlying phenomenon/behaviour falls into a different category.