DateParser code (.NET/C#)

Open source code of DateParser
Similarly to what happens with all the other FlexibleParser parts, I wrote the whole C# (.NET 4.0) code of DateParser completely from scratch. Its most recent version can be found in various places:The DateParser code is divided in two main parts:
  • DateP and related classes
    . DateP improves the usability of the main date/time .NET type (DateTime/Date) by mostly focusing on string-parsing aspects (e.g., methods like Parse or ParseExact), what the ending "P" in its name is precisely trying to highlight.
    The main code dealing with DateP and related classes is stored in the Dates folder.
  • Code dealing with time zones
    . DateParser includes a relevant amount of time-zone related information. All this is mostly managed through 8 major classes: 6 defining the time-zone types (TimeZoneOfficial, TimeZoneIANA, TimeZoneConventional, TimeZoneUTC, TimeZoneWindows and TimeZoneMilitary); and the remaining 2 allowing to deal with various time zones simultaneously (TimeZones and TimeZonesCountry).
    All the time-zone-related code can be found in the files inside the TimeZones folder.