Main ideas about NumberParser
NumberParser provides a unified framework to easily deal with all the .NET numeric types.

Among its most salient features are:
  • Unified and intuitive usage
    . NumberParser relies on Number, NumberD, NumberO and NumberP (i.e., NumberX); easy-to-use, implicitly-convertible and comprehensive classes simplifying the hassles of the .NET numeric types.
  • Exceptions managed internally
    . NumberParser takes care of all the errors internally and notifies the user via simple enum.
  • Beyond-double-range support
    . The ranges of all the NumberX are beyond ±10^2147483647 and all of them can rely on the decimal type precision.
  • Mathematical functionalities
    . NumberParser's Math2 includes NumberD-adapted versions of all the System.Math methods, together with various custom functionalities (PowDecimal/SqrtDecimal, RoundExact/TruncateExact, GetPolynomialFit/ApplyPolynomialFit and Factorial).
You can find its (C#; .NET 4.0) code in my GitHub account (readme file and source code files), download the last version or get the corresponding NuGet package.
The last stable version of NumberParser.dll is 1.0.6302.28051.