FlexibleParser (Java)

Java version of FlexibleParser, a group of multipurpose .NET parsing libraries
FlexibleParser is a group of independent multipurpose parsing libraries, which I originally developed (in C#) to be exclusively used within the .NET Framework. To know more about its primary implementation, take a look at .

I decided to create this Java version for two main reasons: showing my versatility on the programming-language front and facilitating the access to FlexibleParser for non-.NET programmers. Although I have tried to keep all the functionalities in the original version, my work has been eminently focused on delivering a user-friendly code structure and interface by accepting the differences between both environments.

FlexibleParser will continue being a .NET library developed in C# and converted to Java. All the .NET/C# documentation and further resources can also be used as a complement when analysing this Java version, mainly on account of the relevant syntax similarities between both languages.

You can find the corresponding Java 8 code in of my GitHub account. Alternatively, you might want to read , download or take a look at the associated .

At the moment, FlexibleParser (Java) is formed by the following independent parts: