Other resources

Other relevant varocarbas.com resources
Additionally to its defining R&D projects, varocarbas.com contains the following resources:
  • Chromatic encryption
    . Proof-of-concept encryption algorithm which stores information in random images without affecting their appearances in a relevant way.
    You can test the online application or take a look at its source code (PHP).
  • FlexibleParser code analysis
    . Detailed explanations about the code of this open source library.
    At the moment, it includes the following parts:
  • . Basically, it is Project 1 version 2.0, with quite a few well-learned lessons:
    • There is neither a formal project nor detailed explanations about its exact conditions; just a simple description and a search functionality.
    • The crawling bots store the minimum amount of information possible.
    • This ranking is the result of a two-stage process: firstly, a preliminary ranking (stage-1) is built; afterwards, the main ranking (stage-2) is created via weighting all the backlinks by eminently accounting for the domain positions in the preliminary ranking. This process is iteratively repeated by converting the stage-2 ranking into the stage-1 of the next iteration.
    • The crawling bots are running from a computer in my office, storing all the retrieved information locally and regularly updating the varocarbas.com database.
    • I am also writing regular updates in the log of the corresponding project in my ResearchGate profile.