varocarbas.com has been part of Custom Solvers 2.0 since the beginning and now is mostly focused on R&D aspects
One of my first actions after deciding to start Custom Solvers 2.0 was to buy the domain varocarbas.com. Initially, it was mostly meant to reinforce the Attitude 2.0 ideas by setting a new undoubted linkage to myself, as far as varocarbas has been my personal nickname for over the last 10 years; honestly, I wasn't even sure about what to put there. In any case, such an uncertainty didn't last much and the new website quickly became one of the main cornerstones of my online self-promotional efforts.

This site and its contents have gone through an important evolution in a relatively short period of time. I might even perform additional relevant modifications on it, but varocarbas.com has certainly reached its maturity and no more essential changes are expected. I am planning to continue using varocarbas.com as one of my main public R&D, technically-focused, showing-how-I-work resources.

As usual, I am the sole author of all the varocarbas code and contents. I also created varocarbas.com completely from scratch, mostly in PHP and without relying on third-party code.